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Here are Monika & Bartosz Bobkowski. If you intrested, we would share something about us with you. And believe it is not easy thing to do. Ok, we have two kids and a cat at home in Poland, and one disabled here in Mysore. We started our path in healing and bodyworking some 8-10 years ago. There was yoga, meditation, vajrayana buddism in bon tradition, and workshops. We finished our education. Bartosz has M.A.in social anthropology and ethnography, and Monika has is an artist. Well, we could say more about private life, but it is better to get in contact with us. So we share more about our experience as bodyworkers and healers. And there were workshops in bioenergy healing, clairvoyance, yoga, ayurveda, thai yoga massage, kalari massage, sweedish massage, aromatherapy massage if you would like to have look - click here to watch our diplomas.

Our interests in healing and bodywork have come naturally. It is a kind of process for us. And we follow the path. Now we share our time in two places - one in Kolobrzeg, Poland were we run our dharma center with ashtanga vinyasa yoga, treatments and workshops - and other in Mysore, India, were we deepen our yoga and ayurveda practice and keep sharing our experience with others, click here to find out more about Mysore treatments..

Monika Bobkowska. I am artist, yoga teacher, energy healer and masseur. Since 2000 I practice hatha yoga. I am intererested in shamanism, process oriented psychology and holistic view on human life. Since many years I am interested in Eastern traditions, especially related to yoga and buddhism. I completed studies and workshops in yoga teacher training; bioenergy healing, clairvoyance with top European healers (R.Ulman, K.Jackowski); thai yoga, sweedish, ayurvedic, kalari: chavutti thirumal massages in Europe and India.

Yoga practice I started from Iyengar Hatha Yoga method in Poland and followed it for 8 years. Since I came to India I found ashtanga vinyasa yoga, which I studied with Ajay Kumar and B.N.S. Iyengar from Mysore. At Sthalam8 Yoga Shala I completed teacher training in primary series. Together with my family I live Mysore and still deeping my practice and understanding in vedic sciences as well as traditional painting from mysore and tibetan tradition. When in Poland I run regular yoga school and workshops.


Bartosz Bobkowski. My professional interests as social anthropologist in eastern traditions comes along with practice of yoga, ayurveda and massage. Our Dharma project come up to unite our experience and share it with others in India and in the West as well. The idea is that our practice would speak for itself. I offer the following treatments: thai yoga massage, ayurvedic yoga massage, kalari massage, chavutti thirumal - keralite foot massage, sweedish and aromatherapy massage, and many ayurvedic treatments. I started my hatha yoga practice in 2003. Meanwhile in UK and Thailand I discovered other methods of vivekananda's raja yoga and tibetan yantra yoga related to Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche transmission. In India together with Monika I jumped to stream of ashtanga yoga vinyasa, wich I practice till now.

In bodywork I specialised mainly in yoga therapies such as thai and ayurvedic yoga massage, using pressure, stretching and conscious breathing in this energy work. I work with yoga community in Europe and India to spread that knowledge on many workshops and courses. I also lead the workshops and full courses of thai, ayurvedic and kalari yoga massage and other ayurvedic bodywork. Together with Monika I run dharma project to share our eastern experience and understanding in body and energy work with others in need.

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