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In ayurvedic yoga massage the work is based upon the science of ayurveda and yoga. Various techniques are used to warm up the muscular system and to improve the blood and lymph circulation. Combination of yoga streches are used to help the articulation of joints, to release the tensions in the muscles and joints. The oil and herb used in this massage helps in balancing the body elements (dosha), improves the circulation and releases the toxins. This ayuryogic massage concentrates on to improve the circulation, to allign the muscoloskeletal system and to increase the vital energy. At the end of the sesion it gives deep relaxation and feeling of rejuvenating.

ayur yoga>>ayuryogic massage

Some people may it find very simmilar to thai yoga massage. Both using streching techniques to open the body, release tensions and correct the postures what improves our yoga practice and daily life. Instead of dry method in ayuryogic massage we use some natural oils common used in ayurvedic treatments. Oil generally is good for skin and mainly used in balancing Vata element, and has warming effect. Sometimes essential oils are also used to angage other senses as well. During massage we use also herbal powder. It is antiseptic, stimulates the flow of blood, detoxifies and cleans the skin. Through the increased friction the massage reaches deeper layer of tissue and directly revitalizes Prana. The paste can be also used to relieve headache or painful arthritic joints. It is excellent for headache and sinusitis, tonsillitis. It is specially used for nervous system disorder and rejuvenates the brain.

Deep tissue hand and feet techniques are warming the body first to preapere for advanced stretching techniques.

ayuryogaStretching techniques mainly comes from medicine classes of BKS Iyengar yoga asana from Pune. But our research we combine them with thai, phisyotherapy and osteopathy techniques. They are very important for opening the jointts. They affect the muscles at its origin or insertion, by relaxing and expanding it.

During deep tissue work and streches the clients need to remember about proper breathing and bringing awerness into body. This is often very first lesson about tensions and ama acumulation throughout the body. So, use it.

After sesion finished remember to drink plenty of water to help detoxification process. The toxins, which the massage brings out of

the muscle and joints, go into the blood stream for the body to expel. Sometimes this may lead to temporary feeling of sleepiness, dizziness or being knock out. If you can allow yourself to rest and enjoy, then this space can be very pleasant.

Remeber not to eat 2 hours before and at least 0,5-1 hour after the massage.

Price: 75 EUR (150min), 45 EUR (90min), 25 EUR (40min); Series of 3 (90min) is 110 EUR; series of 7 (90min) is 225 EUR.


The workshops and other treatments are comming up soon. So sign up for our newsletter for actual information. Om a hum.


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