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Bioenergy therapy is based on the fact that the body is surrounded by energy and has energy flowing throughout. Sometimes this energy is blocked, usually due to stress, and then this eventually causes illnesses. Bioenergy therapy boosts the immune system by physically balancing the energy fields in and around the body so the body's inbuilt healing system is then able to take over and recovers naturally.

Monika is experienced practitioner of the bioenergy healing. It uses techniques of hands-on massage techniques and hands-off to scan your body's energy field, and chakra balancing. She shares her deep insight view as clairvoyante. The visual visions are deepen by her as visual artist. Her understanding comes also from yoga, ayurveda and massage practice.

These unique techniques can access and positively affect your body's physiological and psychological systems ability to function on an enhanced level. Bioenergy Healingt echniques pinpoints your primary blockage points that are the root cause of each of your physical and psychological: illnesses, injuries, issues, conditions and symptoms.

Due to the use, abuse, misuse, disuse and lack of servicing that your body’s systems has to endure during a life-time, these blockages in the your body's circuitry causes your body to work in an adaptive and less efficient way. Similarly it has a limited ability to heal, repair and recover.


Session is done in comfortable clothes on mat or bed. It starts from massage on energy lines. Then is followed by individual process. Monika scans your body in search of any blockages and disorders. Then she helps to balance your energy centers, share her insights for your understanding, and release energy flow in order to natural self-healing. Deepending from your sensitivity it can be cleansing and realising as well as enlightening experience.


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